Pigotonia is an event to raise money for cancer research at The James Cancer Center.  The Gears and Beers peloton riding in Pelotonia coordinate this event in an effort to maximize our time and energy to generate huge amounts of money to kick cancer's ass!  100% of the money raised goes towards this one goal!

Gears and Beers
We are a team of friends all from the Lima, Ohio area.   We ride for the people that we’ve lost to cancer and the impact cancer has had on all our lives.  There isn't anyone reading this that hasn't been impacted by the hideousness of cancer.  The financial, emotional, and/or physical toll it takes is often life altering.  Some unfortunately lose the battle and leave us all too soon.  In summary, CANCER SUCKS!  Our peloton truly subscribes to the philosophy of live, love, and laugh.  It is our belief that no one should have these pursuits taken by cancer!  Through your generous donations it is our belief that one day soon cancer will no longer be part of our lives.