1. *ichigan Fire Ring
    *ichigan Fire Ring
    A TTUN fire ring donated by Spallinger Millwright Services.
  2. Gift Card Basket
    Gift Card Basket
    Longaberger Horizon of Hope American Cancer Society basket with $25 Texas Road House, $25 Olive Garden, $15 Rapid Fire, $15 Shirley’s Popcorn, and $10 Sara’s Sweets gift cards donated by Joyce Bowsher
  1. Gift Basket
    Gift Basket
    Matilda Jane Gift Basket compliments of Angie Mullens
  2. Aaron Plummer Photograpy
    Aaron Plummer Photograpy
    $100 Gift card to Aaron Plummer Photography.
  1. Guess Gift Tray
    Guess Gift Tray
    Guess purse, sunglasses, bracelet and glass donated by Stephanie Reindel.
  2. Plunder Gift Basket
    Plunder Gift Basket
    Basket of Plunder Jewelry donated by Stephanie Miller.
  1. Lima Golf Package
    Lima Golf Package
    18 holes and a cart at Tamarac, Lost Creek, Springbrook and Colonial.
  2. OSU Basket
    OSU Basket
    Various handcrafted Ohio State gifts.
  3. Scentsy Basket
    Scentsy Basket
    Various scents from Scentsy
  4. Nautical Themed Basket
    Nautical Themed Basket
    Handmade quilt by Joyce Bowsher and sign by Angie Spragg.
  1. Hair Product
    Hair Product
    Basket donated by Amanda King, hair designer/color specialist at Ahmee Elite Design
  2. Ohio Gifts
    Ohio Gifts
    Handcrafted Ohio themed gifts.
  3. Macy & Mia Cosmetics
    Macy & Mia Cosmetics
    Airbrush makeover and Macy & Mia Cosmetics - Donated by Kristy Vondran and DJ Victory
  4. Sycamore Lake Gift
    Sycamore Lake Gift
    Bottle of wine and gifts from Sycamore Lake. Includes$25 gift card from Micky Berens.
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